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Paint can be used not only decorate a surface, but to protect it. A wide range of interior and exterior paints and paint finishes are available today,allowing your imagination to run riot. It is a very cost effective way of redecorating, so if you’re after a new look without a lot of outlay, then getting your home painted may be the way to go.

There are certain basics to consider when repainting, however.

·         What is the function of the room/s that will be repainted?

·         What direction does the room face?

·         How big is it?

·         What mood do you want to create?


Remember as a  basic rule, light colours make a room feel larger and dark colours will make a room feel smaller. When choosing a colour scheme, it is best to stick to one of the following types: monochromatic – different shades of the same colour; harmonious – where similar colours are used; and contrasting – where two or more very different colours are used i.e. black and white.

Types of Paint

There are many different types of paint, and what you use will depend on the area to be painted and the kind of conditions that it has to endure. Outdoor areas will need to be painted with a special exterior paint that will be able to handle the harsher conditions. Most exterior paints come with UV protection. Some companies nowadays specialise only in coating exterior walls.

Interior paints need to suit their purpose. Bathrooms and other wet areas will require a more resistant paint that can stand up to moisture such as a semi gloss or gloss while living areas can get by with a flat surface. If you have kids or need a paint that is more durable, a wash and wear paint may be a good option.

When decorating the interior of a home, there is a vast range of paint and paint effects available including metallic, pastel, suede, pearl, colour washing, marbling, rag rolling, ragging, sponging, dragging, crackling, stencilling, stainless steel, lime washes and rusted iron, among others. There is even blackboard paint available – great for the kitchen or study areas! With such a wide variety of choice, consulting a professional will help you to choose the right look for your home. Many painting companies will offer a colour consultancy service, or you may choose the services of an interior designer.


Wallpaper is a stylish alternative to paint, creating textures and effects that paint alone cannot achieve. Today’s wallpapers are easy to apply and remove and come in a wide range of colours and textures. Textures include hessian, canvas, vinyl, wood and rice paper, among others. Many paint companies will remove old wallpaper for you and install new wallpaper of your choice.

What Painters Do

Painters are responsible for the following:

·         protecting areas from paint by laying drop sheets

·         erecting scaffolding necessary to complete job

·         preparation of surfaces – includes filling holes, sanding, repairing woodwork, removing old paint or wallpaper, sealing surfaces

·         selecting and preparing paint

·         using brushes, rollers or spray guns to apply the paint to the surface

·         clean equipment, work areas and any splatters that may have resulted while painting

·         safe removal of lead based paint

Painters may also apply waterproofing systems to wet areas such as the bathroom and the laundry. They can also install wallpaper, as stated above.

Selecting a Professional

When selecting your professional, there are a few steps to adhere to.

·         Give the painter a reasonable idea of what you require in terms of colour scheme, area to be painted, timeframe etc.

·         Get a quote for the project, ensuring that it is as thorough as possible in terms of the brand of paint, the amount of paint required and labour costs.

·         The quote should also ideally include how long the project is expected to take, when progress payments should be paid, and provide for the protection of surroundings and cleanup.


Working out all these things before commencing the project will save any potential problems later.



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