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Useful Information on Joinery Projects

A joiner or carpenter can build, erect or repair structures made of wood, steel or wood substitutes. Eg. the frame of a house, walls and roof; install windows, doors, floors, cabinetry, ceiling tiles; complete other structural work such as scaffolding.

Joiners  may specialise in a particular area of the trade,eg cabinet maker,  so be sure your chosen professional is able to complete your specific project.

Things to consider when starting  a project are:

  1. Layout/design – carpenters must select the materials for the project and measure and mark them to ensure that they are the correct dimensions required.

  2. Cutting and joining materials – make sure your joiner has the right power or hand tools. The cutting stage includes any shaping that needs to be done. Materials are joined using nails, glue, screws or bolts and rulers. Levels and other framing tools are employed to ensure accuracy in joining.
  3. Estimation –Most joiners can fairly accurately estimate the amount of materials that will be required to complete a project.
  4. Interpretation – Joiners can interpret and read blueprints and other plans to find out what will be required for a project.
  5. Follow building guidelines – It is essential that your joiner follows the local and national building codes and standards when working on any project. 

Joiners assemble prepared wood components into structures and fittings. In simple terms, joinery involves making and fitting doors and windows, staircases and handrails, built-in wardrobes, and architraves and skirting boards. Joiners are involved in non-structural timber work and this is the primary difference from carpenters. As well as working with timber, joiners can also work with metal or timber composites.

When hiring a carpenter or joiner, be sure to obtain a fixed quote and check their qualifications.
Also ask to see references or examples of their past work if possible.


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