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It is important that a qualified  electrician is used to perform any electrical work required.
Electrical tasks should never be attempted by an individual because it’s both illegal and unsafe. No matter what electrical job you need doing around the home – from something small such as adding a power socket to a major rewiring – an electrician will be able to help you.

What an Electrician Does

Electricians work with all of the electrical components of the house. Common Services they provide include :

·         house rewires

·         kitchen installations

·         Electric Shower installation

·         installation of phone, computer and television points

·         adding or replacing power points

·         installation of lighting

·         installation of safety switches, dimmer switches etc

·         surge protection

·         new home wiring

·         smoke detector installation

·         all general installation and maintenance

Electricians can perform the following tasks among others:

·         plan wiring system layouts

·         wire and rewire homes

·         read and interpret electrical diagrams

·         test for and repair damaged electrical components

·         install electrical and electronic systems

·         install electrical equipment e.g. water heaters, air-conditioners

·         repair electrical appliances

·         connect switches and other electrical fittings

·         maintain automated systems

·         install electrical safety equipment

·         install lighting systems

Types of Lighting

There’s a variety of  types of lighting, depending on what you require and the area that you need to light. You may need to illuminate a work area or  just provide ambience. Most homes require a combination of lighting types for effective and efficient lighting. Below are some of the most common types.

·         Incandescent – this is the most common type of lighting. The light bulbs themselves are cheap to buy but they have to be replaced relatively often. Incandescent bulbs can be used to light rooms that are not used too often, such as bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms.

·         Fluorescent – are energy efficient and last for up to 8,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps are suitable for areas that need long periods of lighting such as the kitchen and living areas. Tubular fluorescent lamps can also be used in the kitchen but are also suitable for the garage or workshop.

·         Halogen – are more energy efficient than incandescent globes but require a transformer. Halogen bulbs are great for highlighting a feature within the home, for down lighting, or for task lighting.

·         Xenon – is a form of incandescent bulb that is filled with xenon gas to provide a brighter, longer-lasing source of light. Xenon bulbs require transformers. It is perfect for task lighting, such as in the study.

Selecting an Electrician

It is essential that the electrical contractor you use is fully licensed. Ask to see the license and make sure that it is valid. By law, all electrical work must be done by a licensed professional and having a valid license means that you will be protected legally if there are any problems with the work carried out. The professional must also have the correct insurances such as General Liability Insurance. Ask to see certificates of insurance.

Will the professional provide a certificate of Electrical Safety or a similar certificate? This states that the work that has been performed has been done by a licensed professional, has been tested and is safe. It acts as a guarantee to you.

Try to obtain more than  one quote before selecting a professional and remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best. It is more important that you are comfortable with the person or company that is performing the work. One final thin,  ask if they provide a emergency service should something go wrong unexpectedly.


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