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Business Packages

All bona fide tradesmen are invited to join Find Tradesmen. See business packages below.


  • Name
  • Business
  • Tel No
  • Mobile No


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  • A featured block
  • Name
  • Business
  • Line of Text
  • Tel No
  • Mobile
  • Email Link
  • 1 Photo

£50 + Vat (£60.00) for 12 months or £5 + Vat (£6.00) per month by Standing Order

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  • Priority Listing
  • Name
  • Business
  • Text Description of Business
  • 1 Thumbnail Photo
  • 4 Larger Photos
  • Tel No
  • Mobile No
  • Fax if required
  • Email Link
  • Link to your own website
  • Link to allow customers to email a friend about your service direct from this website
  • Text changes free

Web Page Set Up £100.00 + Vat (£120)  and then £10 + Vat (£12.00) per month by Standing Order for web hosting and support

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Your Own Website

If you don't have your own website,you can have a featured block on the Find Tradesmen Directory and we can build you a website, starting from the purchase of your domain name, if you don't have one, all the way through to designing and building the website and arranging for hosting. Then we can link to your website at the Find Tradesmen Directory!
Please contact us for a free quote.

See Sample of Featured listing linked to Britnett- Carver website created by Webecom Marketing

See Sample of Featured listing linked to one page website with own domain name created by Webecom Marketing

Special Offer for a Limited Time

We will set up a one page website with your own domain name complete with text and photos and add a short video to promote your business

The video will be uploaded to YouTube as well as play on your own web page and on your page on

Initial Set up Fee £150.00 + Vat and thereafter £10 + vat per month

A very affordable way to get started on the internet. 

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